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April 07, 2009


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Oh, honey. I'm sorry it's been so rough. I hope that the steps you are taking to "get your life back" go smoothly. I'm glad that the kids are such a wonderful part of your life. I wish I had some good advice or words of wisdom or support that would hit the spot. All I can say is good luck and feel free to email me if you want an ear to listen to (or eye to read) anything, although it sounds like you have some good support IRL.

I also have been wanting to hear how you are doing with the adjustment to 2, but it sounds like there is a lot going on for you in general. I'm starting to get really nervous about 2, so any words of wisdom or advice you have would be appreciated!


I read certain anonymous comments on Ask Moxie and I worry about the writer, who I think is you. Please take care of yourself -- you and your children deserve better.
I hope the following story doesn't make you feel worse; it isn't intended to be gloating but to let you know that yes, a better world is out there, and ordinary schmucks like me get to live in it: Our youngest likes us to make a sandwich of him when we hug him goodnight. He crows "[Hisname] sandwich!" The other day, my husband and I were hugging, and he said, delightedly, "Mommydaddy sandwich!"* And I thought about the kids who grow up with parents who aren't happy together, and what it must be like (for everyone in the family) to have to deal with that all the time. So thank you for looking for a better path. Hang in there.

*Get your mind out of the gutter, you perv! It was very wholesome, honest!

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