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February 08, 2009


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Congrats on the birth of number 2!!! So glad to hear everything you wrote in the post. It helps me be a little less anxious about having another.



And fear not -- not because you will get the hang of this and everything will go smoothly, but because you will get the hang of this, and switching from "in your groove" to "in a morass" will feel OK, or at least normal.

Plus, two adorable boys is just better than one adorable boy. (Who knew better was possible?)


Julie, I just saw your comment on Ask Moxie and related to it SO MUCH. And I relate to this post, so much. I was RIGHT there exactly one year ago (little man turned one a week ago tomorrow).

Adjusting to two was very tough emotionally, I will not lie. But here is hope for you: Now that I am out the other side of that crazy first year, it gets SO MUCH EASIER. At some point, it will just feel normal to have two kids and to deal with all that entails.

Also,I had to laugh at "huge and loud and so germy. How I have not noticed this before?" I swear my daughter grew into Gulliver in the few hours between dropping her off at school before heading to the hospital and my parents bringing her to see me and meet her new brother. Not to mention like practically a functional adult in those few hours.

good luck. it does get easier, it does it does. I made it about six months before I turned to my husband and said "two kids?? whose idea was THIS????" And of course now two kids feels normal and the way things should be.


Hearty congrats to you. Enjoy the ride.

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